Complaints procedure

When and how to make a formal complaint to us

If you feel that we have done something wrong, badly, or failed to do something, the first thing you should do is contact the team concerned and, if possible, they will put things right for you. You may ask for the manager of that team if you wish. This is the quickest and best way to resolve most issues.

If you remain dissatisfied at that stage then you may wish to make a formal written complaint.

Different ways to make a complaint

  1. Download the form and submit it by post.
  2. In writing, either by letter or by requesting a form to be sent to you for submission.
  3. You can e-mail your complaint using the form below.

If you wish to make your complaint by post please send it to:

The Quality Manager
Handover HR
Chase Mill
Winchester Road
Bishops Waltham
Hampshire SO32 1AH

What we need to know

To help us deal with your complaint more effectively you will need to tell us:

  • Exactly what the problem is & how it has occurred. Give as much information as possible.
  • How it has affected you.
  • What you consider should be done to put the matter right.

Anonymous complaints

If you wish to make a complaint anonymously, then we will treat this as a comment, as we will be unable to advise you of the outcome of the investigation. You can still use the on-line form to make this comment by omitting your personal details.

How we will deal with your complaint

Complaints differ widely in both nature and complexity. Nevertheless, when dealing with any complaints through the Complaints Procedure we seek to apply three basic principles:

  1. Investigate quickly & efficiently, initially through the department concerned.
  2. Provide the complainant with a full response which outlines the findings of any investigation and, wherever possible, resolves the matter to their satisfaction.
  3. Keep each stage of the Complaints Procedure independent and as impartial as possible.

We will acknowledge your complaint within five days of receipt and provide you with the name of the contact responsible for investigating the matter on your behalf. We will then endeavour to inform you of the result of the investigation within 15 working days (*or provide you with reasons as to why your complaint will take longer to determine).

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation you may seek an appeal to the Company Directors. Any such appeal will result in the details of the investigation being reviewed by the Directors and you should be informed of the outcome (i.e. whether your appeal has been upheld or rejected) within 15 working days.

If more time is required before such a review can be finalised you will be kept informed of progress and given a date when you should expect a full response. *Some more complex complaints may take longer to investigate. Where this is the case you will be kept informed of progress at agreed intervals and a full response will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Your complaint will be treated in the strictest confidence and only those investigating it will have access to the details. Naturally, in the course of any investigation the details of the complaint may need to be discussed with the relevant departments and individuals concerned but your personal details will not be disclosed without your prior approval.

Complaints against staff

Complaints about staff behaviour or attitude will be handled by the appropriate line manager and will be dealt with in accordance with the company’s Disciplinary Procedure.

Of course it would also be great to hear your positive comments too. You can email these through the form below.

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