Case Studies

Absence Management

Company x has numerous sites around the UK and required support in managing short term absence as they do not have an internal HR Department, so used Handover HR to provide a telephone advice line to Managers to assist with the process and provide scripts for the meetings.

Company C had an employee on long term sick for over 6 months but no absence process had been followed. Handover HR took over the process and after contact with the employee and the involvement of their GP a resignation followed and the problem was resolved.

Specialist Recruitment

Business X has grown by adding 5 new staff to the team in the past year, the roles required to grow the business were highly specialist and technical. The Business Owner knew that the recruitment process could be a difficult, laborious and time consuming task but understood that it is critical to get the whole process and package right, so appointed Handover HR to help enable them not to be distracted from our core business whilst any recruitment drive is happening.


Company x used Handover HR to support them through a disciplinary process which resulted in a dismissal, the support consisted of commercial advice around the risks associated with the dismissal to ensure the Company could achieve their required outcome with minimal risk.


Company x had a contentious situation where an employee went off sick and then subsequently raised a grievance. The general manager did not feel comfortable dealing with the grievance alone and so used the expertise of Handover HR to provide support at the grievance hearing and advice throughout the process. Handover HR supported the complex investigations and were able to satisfactorily resolve the grievance and get the employee back to work.

Company B faced a grievance from an employee who alleged they were being bullied by their line manager. Handover HR investigated and conducted the hearing and supported the business post grievance with recommendations as to how to move both sides on.


Company x needed to discipline a senior member of staff for timekeeping issues, they were concerned about ensuring the process was water tight due to the seniority of the person and so instructed Handover HR to conduct the investigation and complete all associated paperwork to ensure impartiality. They were confident that Handover HR could provide this impartial service. No appeal resulted from the case and the Company was very happy with the outcome.

A Charity faced the difficult job of disciplining a Senior Employee accused of bullying and harassment. Handover HR undertook all elements of the process from investigation, to hearing and appeal and ultimately ensured, with the support of their solicitor, that an Employment Tribunal claim was avoided.

Sickness Absence

Company x had a situation where an employee became ill whilst on annual leave and was unable to return to work for a considerable period of time. The company were concerned about the reasons for the absence and whether it would be covered under the Disability Discrimination Act and so were unsure of how to deal with it. They used Handover HR to guide them through the long term absence management process with a view to getting the employee back to work as quickly as possible with minimal risk. Handover HR managed the case from beginning to end, liaised with the GP and Occupational Health and the employee is now back at work on a phased return.


Company x has recently completed a restructure of part of their core business and identified the need to make a redundancy. The business owner knew this could be a complex and contentious process and therefore used Handover HR to ensure that they remained legally compliant throughout the process and that the risk to the business was minimised. They were secure in the knowledge that Handover HR would produce all supporting documentation which would be commercial and support their needs.

Company A faced a redundancy situation where several staff members would have been placed at risk, an action which would have proved disconcerting. Additionally one employee found out about the plans and became distressed, angry and agitated. Handover HR stepped in and consulted with the employee and arranged a voluntary redundancy application which left all parties happy and the business able to move on.


Company X whose staff numbers have grown in recent years has outsourced all their Human Resource requirements to Handover HR, in a move that will reduce their costs, help re-deploy key staff, ensure they remain legally compliant for the future and improve the HR service in the business.

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